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Airbus Corporate Jets has partnered with contemporary artist Cyril Kongo—also known as Mr. Colorful—to bring art to the skies.

L2.1 K.Business Lounge.1 (1).jpg


Luxury jet interiors tend to fall into two distinct styles, with most celebrated for either their understated elegance or audacious opulence. Recently, however, Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) partnered with renowned contemporary artist Cyril Kongo to create a colorful, special-edition cabin for the ACJ TwoTwenty that introduces a new kaleidoscopic interior vision.

Known as Mr. Colorful, Kongo is a pioneering French graffiti artist who was a key figure in establishing graffiti as a recognized art form. His visually complex, abstract works have a fluid expression. They are a veritable explosion of color—hence his moniker—and it’s this idiosyncratic style that defines the cabin of the special edition ACJ TwoTwenty.

L2.1 K.Business Lounge.1 (1).jpg
L5.1 K.Master Bedroom.2.jpg
L2.3 K.Executive Lounge.2.jpg


Kongo’s work transforms the extra-large biz-jet into a flying private art gallery. The signature cabin features textiles, carpets, prints, and accessories adorned with the artist’s boldly patterned prints in a mix of monochrome and color—think sophisticated greyscale-patterned sofas with brightly colored accent cushions, and dynamic black-and-white carpets with bold splashes of vermillion red. Parts of the main lounge are even hand-painted by Kongo himself, adding a bespoke touch to each aircraft.

It’s not only about looks, however. The ACJ design team prioritized functionality and made the most of the extra-large fuselage, which is twice as wide as conventional business jets, allowing for a table that seats up to eight guests, and plenty of space for rest, entertainment, and fine dining.

L5.1 K.Master Bedroom.3.jpg


The groundbreaking interior, which sets a new standard for private air travel, is matched by the high-end specifications of the ACJ TwoTwenty. The jet has a spacious 785-square-feet of floor space and is the only business jet to have six VIP living areas for up to 19 passengers. The intercontinental range of 10,500km (over 12 hours flight time) can conquer long distances with the ultimate comfort for personal and business travel.

Unsurprisingly, the visually spectacular jet is proving popular. Comlux will be the exclusive completion partner for the first 15 aircraft, and the first ACJ TwoTwenty will enter service in 2023, bringing a vibrant splash of color to the skies and elevating business jet travel to new heights of luxury.

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