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A luxury voyage aboard the Aqua Mare promises an intimate exploration of nature’s marvels, where unparalleled comfort meets the wild’s untouched beauty.


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In the world of high-end travel, the Galapagos Islands emerge as a pinnacle of nature’s grandeur, offering an unparalleled adventure that merges luxury with the untouched beauty of the wild. Catering to the discerning travelers who seek the exclusivity and comfort of private jet travel, the Aqua Mare, the first 50m luxury superyacht in the Galapagos, introduces an exquisite way to explore this archipelago. Here, we delve into two signature itineraries - the 7-Night East Galapagos and the 7-Night West Galapagos journeys, promising an intimate encounter with the islands’ unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, all while ensconced in unparalleled luxury.

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East Galapagos:
A Journey through Darwin’s Playground

Day 1: The Adventure Begins
Embarkation at Baltra Island sets the stage for an unforgettable voyage. A warm welcome aboard the Aqua Mare precedes an afternoon at the pristine Bahia Borrero, offering an initial taste of the Galapagos’ exquisite marine life with snorkeling opportunities among sea turtles.

Day 2: El Barranco’s Majesty
Discover the volcanic wonders and unique avian species of Genovesa Island. A hike across lava fields reveals red-footed boobies and Galapagos storm petrels, an intimate look at the islands’ evolutionary marvels.

Day 3: Santiago’s Lava Landscapes
Bahía Sullivan on Santiago Island showcases recent Pahoehoe lava flows, offering a stark yet beautiful vista. The day’s adventures also include snorkeling and paddle boarding around the fascinating Sombrero Chino Island.

Aqua Mare
Aqua Mare
Aqua Mare
Aqua Mare


Day 3-4: Volcanic Majesty and Marine Enigmas
Isabela Island’s volcanic landscapes at Punta Moreno and the uplifted wonders of Bahía Urbina reveal the raw power of nature’s forces. Fernandina Island offers a glimpse into the pristine habitats of marine iguanas and flightless cormorants.

Day 5-6: Pirates’ Cove and the Red Island
Explore Santiago’s pirate history at Caleta Bucanero and the striking red sands of Rábida Island, each offering unique wildlife encounters and breathtaking natural beauty.

Day 7: A Day of Discovery
Seymour Norte Island’s abundant wildlife and Mosquera Island’s sea lion colonies provide a fitting climax to this extraordinary journey.

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Aqua Mare


The Aqua Mare Experience: A Class Apart
Aboard the Aqua Mare, guests enjoy a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, ensuring personalized service that complements the natural splendor of the Galapagos. From snorkeling with exotic marine life to savoring gourmet cuisine inspired by the islands’ bounty, every moment aboard is designed to enchant and inspire.

For the elite traveler, the Galapagos is not just a destination but a once-in-a-lifetime expedition where luxury meets discovery. The Aqua Mare awaits to whisk you away on this unparalleled adventure, where the wonders of the Galapagos are matched only by the opulence of your journey.

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