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Ariodante Travel crafts some of the most exclusive and luxurious travel experiences in the world, from inside access to cultural treasures and iconic sites closed to the public to immersive events that bring history to life. These bespoke experiences take luxury travel to a whole new level.


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Imagine getting a behindthe-scenes glimpse into the production of a world-class opera, from the set design to the premiere, or visiting the private villa where Henri Matisse created some of his best-known masterpieces, or even following in the footsteps of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon from Highclere Castle in the UK to explore the hidden wonders of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt… Ariodante Travel taps into the passions of discerning travelers to bring their unimagined dreams to life, tailoring unforgettable bespoke experiences across the world.

Founded by famed Colombian composer and conductor, Ricardo Araujo, Ariodante Travel is more than a luxury travel agent. It is a unique travel concierge service that specializes in arts, culture, and history from around the world. Araujo’s passion for art, music, and culture defines each itinerary, and his specialist contacts help to realize some of the world’s most exclusive experiences for the most discerning travelers. “Our best and most meaningful creations are international experiences following an artist or historical figure through different regions and countries, instead of a trip to just one location,” says Araujo.

He recalls one recent experience, for example, that was curated to indulge a client’s interest in the French Revolution. “We visited the main landmarks and then opened the French National Archives vault, which was a true privilege,” reveals Araujo. “Our clients saw the original declaration of human rights – and they were able to touch it – and several other priceless original manuscripts of the Revolution. We then had a private gastronomic dining experience inside the French National Library after seeing some of their most precious manuscripts of that period, including a document with the blood of Marat from when he was killed during the Revolution.”

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These bespoke itineraries elevate luxury travel to previously unimagined heights. The dedicated team at Ariodante Travel not only deliver exclusive access – think a private visit to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican or the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles with a bespoke three Michelin star dining experience – but also meetings with luminaries who can offer unequaled insights. From Nobel Prize winners to renowned historians, curators, artists and the descendants of key historical figures, these are the voices that bring the stories and locations to life. “This is simply not done by other travel concierge services,” says Araujo.

The Ariodante Travel team are currently working on a number of exciting new bespoke cultural experiences, each of which is tailored to a client’s individual desires and interests. One is a journey exploring the life of Vincent van Gogh, from his childhood home in the Netherlands, through sites in Mons, Montmartre, and Arles that were significant to his artistic career, to Auvers-Sur-Oise, where the troubled artist spent his last days. Another is a bespoke recreation of the Monte Carlo Rally, in which a famous pilot will lead a race of vintage cars through the French Riviera. There’s even a cruise through the Mediterranean in search of the cyclops, sirens, and giants of Ulysses’ Odyssey

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Recently, Ariodante Travel also began to craft bespoke Sabbatical Trips. These longer, more immersive journeys combine cultural and artistic experiences with nature experiences and more, offering a whole new way to explore the world. Take for example a sabbatical in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Conquistadors. You’ll spend several weeks traveling through Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Latin-America, discovering the Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations and even sailing in a replica of Columbus’ caravel ship.

Historical recreations and elaborate games are another specialty. Adventurous travelers can, for example, be transported back to the Roaring 20s and immerse themselves in a luxurious international game of mystery aboard the famed Orient Express train – an experience inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie and labelled “the world’s most luxurious murder mystery vacation” by Forbes. The next edition will take place next year, with only a few tickets still available. Also, in 2021, Ariodante Travel will unveil the world’s most immersive escape game – involving game designers, special effects experts, stuntmen and actors – inspired by David Fincher’s cult film The Game.

And, as a company that celebrates the true spirit of travel, the journey with Ariodante Travel is as much a part of the experience as the sites, experiences, and people. The golden years of travel are reimagined for today with private jets, helicopters, sumptuous sailing boats, and vintage cars.

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It’s not all about indulging the self, however. Part of the fee for every trip goes towards supporting organizations essential to the preservation and future of these experiences for everyone. The art and historical trips help to fund important cultural projects, while the cost of the company’s nature experiences – which range from trips to the Arctic to visiting the wolves of Parc du Mercantour – contribute to scientific and conservation projects. And, the annual Ariodante Travel historical party supports an ambitious restoration project each year.

Araujo likes to think of Ariodante Travel as a goldsmith. “We are the finest craftsmen, and the art world is our workshop,” he says. Our team of dream-makers use an unrivaled contacts book to develop a one-off experience – our clients trust that each one of our ultra-luxury experiences is exquisitely unique, down to the finest detail. Our only limit is your imagination.”

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