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Chairman Kenn Ricci Leads Flexjet into a
New Era in Private Aviation


Flexjet Global HQ Exterior 3.jpg

In a dazzling display of innovation and commitment to excellence, Flexjet Inc., a global leader in private aviation, has officially opened the doors to its new global headquarters at Cuyahoga County Airport (ICAO: KCGF), just east of downtown Cleveland. This milestone marks a significant leap forward for the company, solidifying its position as the  world's preeminent private aviation provider. Flexjet Chairman Kenn Ricci and his dedicated team are leading the way into a new era of aviation with the unveiling of their state-of-the-art Global Operations Control Center.

Flexjet's Soaring Growth
Flexjet has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade, expanding its operations across North America, Europe, and beyond. The new Global Operations Control Center is the crown jewel of this expansion, designed to manage flights all over the world with unmatched precision. As Kenn Ricci stated, "Our new Global Operations Control Center enables us to manage flights all over the world, in a setting that is optimized to the nuances of our unique business, ensuring aircraft Owners the highest levels of service and responsiveness."

A Glimpse Inside the Control Center
The Global Operations Control Center is the beating heart of Flexjet's new headquarters and boasts the private aviation industry's most advanced technology. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the largest seamless LED screen in the United States, the third-largest in the world. This mammoth screen measures a staggering 176 feet in width and 19 feet in height, comprising 1,572 individual LED panels. It displays every Flexjet flight around the world in real-time, creating an immersive experience for all who enter.

Designed with planned growth in mind, the center can efficiently handle the staff and technology required to manage twice the current fleet of nearly 270 aircraft. The stadium-style seating, arranged by job type, maximizes the flow and speed of information, ensuring rapid responses even during challenging situations like major weather systems. The center's bridge features a pop-up command station, strategically utilized during peak travel seasons when coordination becomes paramount.

An Architectural Marvel
The external facade of the headquarters is equally impressive. The glass-enclosed marquee structure offers all employees a front-row seat to the comings and goings of aircraft on the airport ramp. The building's unique design, characterized by sharp angles and triple-paned, treated glass, minimizes aircraft noise, ensures privacy, and controls interior temperature. The HVAC system incorporates a charcoal filtration system, continuously purifying the air within.

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Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations

Within the facility lies Flexjet's primary data center, responsible for feeding information to over 30 locations worldwide. A robust network of power with multiple redundancies guarantees uninterrupted service. The complex system converts AC power to DC power to provide the precise 120V current needed. In case of a power outage, battery backups kick in to cover the seconds it takes for the generator to activate. These precautions ensure that Flexjet maintains operational control of its fleet, regardless of external factors.

A Campus of Innovation
The new Global Headquarters and Operations Control Center spans an impressive 51,453 square feet, expanding the campus's total size to 243,000 square feet. It accommodates office space for 670 of Flexjet's 4,000 global employees. An aviation theme resonates throughout the building, with conference rooms named after aircraft that Kenn Ricci piloted during his career. The Gulfstream room, the largest of them all, features a custom-made conference table crafted from the fuselage of the first Gulfstream G4 off the factory line, an aircraft piloted personally by Ricci. The fuselage takes center stage under a glass tabletop, showcasing the iconic oval windows of the Gulfstream.

A Workforce of Excellence
Flexjet employs approximately 4,000 aviation professionals worldwide, with over 1,100 dedicated non-union crew pilots in the United States. U.S.-based pilots and cabin servers have the luxury of choosing from more than 100 domiciles across the country. Cleveland-based Flexjet employees contribute to various critical functions, including global operations, flight support, safety, aircraft owner service, human resources, information technology, sales, and marketing.

In the words of Kenn Ricci, "From the simplicity of where we started 25 years ago, to the advancements in technology and where we are today, this new Global Operations Center is truly a marvel and it defines a new future in aviation. None of this would be possible without the dedication of our employees. This new operations center is a demonstration of our relentless progress and vision."

As Flexjet continues to soar to new heights, its commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer service excellence ensures that it remains at the forefront of the private aviation industry, offering aircraft owners and passengers an unparalleled experience.

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