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Honma Golf
BERES Collection



When it comes to golfing status symbols, Honma Golf ’s BERES family of clubs is one of the most prestigious. For more than 60 years, the Japanese clubmaker’s most experienced takumi (expert craftsmen) have created the exquisite 5-star models that are favored by royalty, presidents, Hollywood stars, and the world’s wealthiest players—and, reflecting this level of craftsmanship, a set can cost upwards of $40,000. Recently, the Japanese brand released two new BERES collections that continue this legacy.

BERES Aizu draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese craft of Aizu, which dates back to 1590 and is characterized by glossy black and red lacquer on a timber base. The signature red and gold accents and intricate patterns adorn the clubheads, which are available in gold, red, black, white, or a pink ladies edition.

While BERES Aizu celebrates traditional craft, the new BERES Black collection is a sleek expression of the line’s high performance. Each clubhead is coated using a jet-black PVD process for a striking and seamless finish.

It’s often said that golf equipment is a reflection of the golfer’s personality— and with these luxurious new additions to the BERES range, you can truly express yourself.

Honma Beres Luxury golf club line includes $5,000 drivers and $40,000 irons.

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