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BitLux is a global private jet charter company specializing in executive jet charters, helicopters, commercial airliners, and cargo with a family-friendly twist.




Global private jet charter company BitLux offers a super simple long-haul flight booking procedure. A family flying from Honolulu International Airport to Changi Airport can go online and ask for an instant quote. Payment by cryptocurrency is available. If you need to make a last-minute booking, BitLux can arrange that. Those made at least three days in advance have better chances of getting the best available aircraft for the specific route. In the case of the 15-hour Honolulu-Singapore flight, it's a long-range aircraft such as the roomy, 19-passenger Global 6000.

The flight is not shared with other passengers even if the party comprises fewer people than the aircraft's capacity. Inflight amenities are fully customizable, from the menu to the in-cabin space for pets, internet connection, and flight attendant service. Passengers can show up at the private terminal ten minutes before the flight for the check-in procedure, eliminating the three-hour pre-flight holdover in a crowded airport terminal.


Increasingly, private aviation is gaining popularity among leisure travelers, thanks to competitive prices. Private charters are ahead of commercial flights in comfort and flexibility. Private jets can land in more places than commercial airlines, including terminals with shorter airstrips, close proximity to mountain ranges, and remote islands, thus reducing ground transportation requirements. Moreover, private charters can accommodate last-minute itinerary changes, making them ideal for family trips.

Lastly, families flying together can avail of package offers from leading hotels. Hyatt Hotels has the "Work From Hyatt" program with packages starting at $139 per night with a minimum stay of five nights at more than 400 locations in the world. Meanwhile, Marriott's "Day, Stay, and Play Passes" is a multi-day stay package designed for families and with dedicated spaces for working. "WorkSpaces by Hilton" packages offer a day rate for travelers seeking a comfortable space for their tasks, removed from home-office distractions.

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