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Bentley Motors
ICE Edition Winter Collection

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New for the 2022/23 winter season, the Bomber for Bentley ICE Edition is presented in a white and grey highly polished finish with six silver-plated 3D diamond emblems made of brass-polished nickel for a dynamic aesthetic. The diamond emblems are both performance-enhancing and a nod to the embroidered motifs found on Bentley’s latest leather upholstery. Each pair of skis is the result of approximately 32 hours of skilled craftsmen work and the textural finish is a rare find in the ski market.

The ICE Edition, limited to just 200 pairs, uses Bomber’s full wood core sandwich construction for optimum flexibility, with additional materials such as Titanal and fibreglass. The skis feature compound and ABS sidewalls which, beyond finesse, reinforce structural support, enhance agility and offer a new level of comfort. They are designed to suit skiers of all levels of experience and will adapt to all terrains from ice to groomed pistes to powder.










With the 2022/23 collection, customers will be able to add accessories with the Bomber for Bentley ski poles recalling the heritage of Bentley gear levers from the past, built with state-of-the-art materials that will bring out the best in their user. Made from ultra-lightweight carbon and aluminium, the grips are finished with soft eco-leather for supreme comfort.

Also new this season is the Bomber for Bentley lightweight helmet. Made of ultralightweight materials and soft, durable eco-leather, the carbon fiber helmet is designed for style and speed, as well as safety


Black diamond and Ice Skis $ 2750 or € 2750 

Helmet $ 995 or € 995 Poles $ 275 or € 275 


Available from: blogs/partnerships/bomber-ski

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