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Discover the unforgettable wellness retreat in the Land of Smiles that will leave you coming back for more.




Stress is inevitable. It’s an important warning system for the body. However, as you know too much of it can lead to disaster. And let’s face it the more you have, the more stress you have to deal with. So, it should not come as a surprise that wellness travel is the newest craze amongst affluent travelers. And I’m not talking about heading south for a Brazillian butt lift. I’m referring to a true get-a-way, a vacation from a vacation, a place where your physical, mental, and emotional health can be restored. A place where you can reconnect with your inner being and experience true ‘a-ha’ moments. A place like Chiva-Som.


Situated in the beach resort town of Hua Hin, Chiva-Som’s location is breathtaking and worth every bit of the three-hour drive or forty-minute helicopter ride from Bangkok. The minute you arrive on the seven-acre tropical haven of the Gulf of Thailand, a calmness takes over and you instantly feel peaceful, your body is relaxed, and you haven’t even begun your treatments. Dr. Chawapon Kidhirunkul and his team with perform access your past and current health, lifestyle, nutrition, and habits and then set your bespoke treatment plan based on your goals.



Next, it’s time to retreat to your tranquil accommodations. All rooms and suites are well-appointed and spacious. You may choose between the Thai Pavilions surrounded by lush gardens or oceanside rooms. I personally like the oceanside deluxe room, since waking up to the turquoise sea is my kind of heaven. Either way, you will not be disappointed.


Your treatments vary based on your needs. But I can tell you the one-on-one expert care from the physicians, dieticians, aromatherapists, sports coaches and chefs that you receive is second to none. You will leave healthy and happier. This experience is difficult to transcend so don’t be surprised when you have booked your next stay before leaving. It’s addictive.

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