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The Most Expensive Baseball Hat in the World

STALVEY reworks the classic baseball hat into this luxurious bestseller. This handmade hat has a silk-lined interior and an adjustable snap back for a custom fit.


Casey Stengel once said that there are three things you can do in a baseball game:  “You can win or you can lose or…it can rain.”  STALVEY might just say there would be four things:  to wear one of their Big Deep Baseball Hats whether it rains or shines.

STALVEY the company true to the sustainable practices behind the manufacture of this hat, make it available in a variety of colors to suit both men and women. This hat is likely the most expensive baseball hat in the world.  For the person that has it all, this low profile slant is perfect for any athlete, particularly a golfer.


Price: $5,400


June 27,2017 | By:E.J Webbe

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