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BOND, a new cryptocurrency platform designed to introduce high net worth investors to digital currencies safely.




Most high net worth investors are willing to take some calculated risks for investments that are considered off the mainstream. With a little research and advice from financial advisors, this class of investors isn't afraid to pull the trigger and jump in with both feet. However, there is a fear, a sense of apprehension from investors when there is a suggestion of investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency platforms. Some folks think of Bitcoin as digital gold in that it is scarce and universally accepted as a store of value. Bitcoin has been all the rage as of late with a current value hovering around $10,000 per. But Bitcoin is not the only game in town. Now there is BOND, a new cryptocurrency platform designed to introduce high net worth investors to digital currencies safely.


What Is It?


According to the online, cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. So basically, cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, a currency created in 2009 by someone using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, is used to make transactions with no banks involved. This cryptocurrency can be used to buy furniture, book hotels, pay for airline tickets and more. The most popular use today is for making money by trading a form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.


High net worth individuals (HNW) that invest in traditional investments like stocks can do the same with a new platform, BOND, that enables investors (those with an income of at least $200,000), to buy shares in real estate and property assets. “BOND is a 100% asset-backed digital currency, or cryptocurrency, that is specifically designed for HNWs and institutional investors,” says BOND Founder, Robert Edwards. “BOND affords investors the opportunity to purchase shares, known as ‘Bond Units,’ in an asset portfolio that contains a mixture of property bonds, real estate, and cryptocurrency assets.”


With BOND, as the value of the underlying assets in this portfolio rise so too does the value of the Bond Units. The Bond Units can then be bought, sold, and exchanged on Bitshares, a digital stock exchange, (think digital FTSE or Nasdaq), making them a cryptocurrency in their own right. “We’re not designed as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme – quite the opposite,” says Edwards. “We don’t promise the crazy rates of return that some cryptocurrencies do. Rather, we aim to benefit HNWs by offering the opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency markets with transparency, reduced risk and longer-term stability (offering projected annual returns of 8%), in an otherwise chaotic cryptocurrency world.”


Easy Entry for Investors


It isn’t difficult for HNWs to invest in the world of cryptocurrency. According to Edwards, Institutional investors and HNWs by-and-large tend to be risk-averse; they seek stable, long-term returns over volatility and a risky quick buck. As such, they’ve understandably been put off by cryptocurrency’s volatility to date. The model of BOND is therefore designed to be very familiar to institutional investors (investing in shares in an asset portfolio) and to help bridge the gap between these two worlds. HNWs can even buy Bond Units via conventional bank transfer. There’s no complicated, technical set-up required, and you don’t need any prior cryptocurrency experience.


According to Edwards, the folks at BOND do a lot of hand-holding to help investors feel more comfortable investing. “It’s what in the investment community is sometimes referred to as ‘the cuddle’ and its why we are offering a support network that goes hand-in-hand with our investment offering. Investors can discuss the purchase process with the Bond team over the phone and will be invited into our Telegram app group where they can raise any concerns and ask questions to the Bond team and follow investors.”


BOND’s mission is to introduce the traditional concept of buying, selling, and trading shares within the cryptocurrency world. By offering a well-known investment model, they aim to make it easy for HNW investors to take their first steps in cryptocurrency in a reassuring, transparent way. Currently, in the cryptocurrency market, there are very few products that offer the option to achieve this goal.


Safety and Good Returns

Within BOND are Bond Units that are 100% asset-backed, or rather they are secured against the value of the underlying asset portfolio. Also, all investors must be accredited (that means with an income of at least $200k for the past two years or value of at least $1 million). “All potential investors must identify themselves and pass KYC (know your customer) due diligence checks,” says Edwards. “We are only engaging with institutional investors because we want to work with those who are familiar with equity investments and may want to enter the cryptocurrency markets for the first time.”


“Finally, the asset portfolio from which Bond Units derive their value is diversely spread across property bonds, real estate, and cryptocurrencies, ensuring that investor risk is reduced, even in the instance of a dramatic cryptocurrency crash. The asset portfolio can also be adjusted based on market conditions. HNWs should be careful of any cryptocurrency investment opportunity that claims to guarantee extraordinary returns overnight. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.”


Going forward, BOND is pressing the gas pedal making strides toward creating more convenience HNWs. “We will shortly be launching a facility that enables investors to send funds from their bank account to an app-based platform, which can then directly convert those funds into cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, at the touch of a button, usually instantly, in real time,” states Edwards. “From there, with either of those currencies, Bond Units can then very simply be purchased. This will eliminate much of the hassle, cost, and confusion typically experienced in converting fiat currencies (such as Pounds or Dollars) into cryptocurrency, and with military-grade security will also ensure investors’ peace of mind.”

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