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Get your favorite pieces from your recent hotel stay delivered to your doorstep...

July 14, 2014  | By: Sonja Hall

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Like the opening scene of a film, Isabel Rutland and her newlywed huband climbed aboard a jet headed to the Greenwich Hotel in NYC.  Unlike the frequent business trips required of Rutland's position as an investment principal, this was their honeymoon.  A momentous occasion - especially in the illustrious city that thrives on the carpe diem sum of its parts - that was sure to spur the unforseen.  


Whether or not Rutland was motivated by the challenging, entrepreneurial vibe of the city or post-wedding bliss, the captivating sophistication of the Greenwich Hotel's interior design prompted her to ask the question many of us have had while in the lap of boutique hotel luxury: "Where and how does one buy this stuff?"


Two years later, Isabel Rutland founded Discover & Deliver, an online-based company that finds, sources, sells, and delivers coveted furniture, tableware, lighting, fabrics, art and other accesories from hotels everywhere (and we do mean everywhere).  


Discover & Deliver has blossomed into a design platform where the best pieces, from the most equisite hotels around the world, are easily yours and conveniently delivered to your doorstep.



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