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At Ellerman House, you’ll find a world full of both art and decadence, both of which are boldly presented to every guest.


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Cape Town, South Africa. It is a city so immersed in history that it beautifully drowns in color and style, standing proudly around the voracious Atlantic and overlooking Robben Island. At Ellerman House, you’ll find a world full of both art and decadence, both of which are boldly presented to every guest. A linear fusion of wellness and art, with customer service as their highest priority. Built in 1906, the hotel has sought to preserve the tradition of the building while restoring its former glory. The succulent floral kingdom is a division of manicured lawns and botanical perennials, including the statuesque aloes and succulents, both of which are native to South African and crystalize the ambiance for every traveler.

The hotel and its two villas are encircled with palatial design. The formal areas are adorned with deep woods, plush leather seating, and a crystal chandelier as a focal element of light. The social spaces feel white, airy, and cool-toned with pops of vivid color. Eclectic art has enveloped Ellerman House, as you can experience a showcase of cultural and expressive pieces here in the hotel. Their art collection highlights the modernization of the country while maintaining the integrity of the ethnic communities. Today, talented ethnic creators, such as Benon Lutaaya and Heidi Fourie, to name a few, contribute to the collection. The collection of over 1000 pieces of artwork is available for guests to enjoy—a true testament to the magic and culture of Cape Town as a whole.

Wellness and impeccable cuisine at its core


The wellness and fitness facilities are elaborately designed to encourage a holistic approach to health. Equipped for the discerning traveller, privacy and luxury are paramount. You’ll find an outdoor heated lap pool and an ambrosial view which inspires an exhilarating workout. The spa hones in on pure aqua detailing, soft blues, and greens gracefully garnish, with another nod to holistic intervention, utilizing QMS Medicosmetics, Lillian Terry oils, and Healing Earth. A journey of irrefutable relaxation cultivates a rich odyssey that every luxury traveler seeks.

The cuisine at Ellerman House endeavours to deliver a rich feast of local food heritage, with the demiurgic enrichment of skilled chefs and Culinary Director, Peter Tempelhoff. Dine-in, an Arcadia of South African charm, sip on rich wines as you inhale the salty crisp air on the terrace. Vibrancy and dynamism are at the heart of each devised dish.

Each of the hotel’s thirteen unique suites reflects the prevalence of South African design seen throughout Cape Town. Traditional, yet subtly modern. Sun-drenched and spacious, each room feels neutral and calming. With an array of guest facilities, including concierge, private chef, and wine tasting, Ellerman House is a hotel of the highest quality, piquing the curiosity of every traveler. Immersion into culture is further cemented with the many unique experiences offered. Attention to detail prevails in all areas, and certainly, it’s a hotel that will undoubtedly provide you a memorable experience.

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