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Embraer's award-winning interior, the Praeterra, was born from a thoughtful approach to sustainability, featuring the multifaceted application of sustainable materials.


Embraer Praeterra


Embraer's Praetor feels like a spectacular sports car with wings thanks to its extended coastto-coast range capabilities starting at 3,250 nautical miles and active turbulence reduction. And with its award-winning interior, Praeterra, that deliciously sleek and sexy flavor is felt and indulged down to the very last detail.

Modern yet warm, classic yet dramatically cutting edge; Praeterra is the result of a striking penchant for design combined with sustainable foresight. And it's the latest interior triumph from the design masterminds at Embraer. Through alchemy that seems to transform repurposed materials into upscale style magically, Praeterra was born from a thoughtful approach to sustainability that pays homage to Embraer's "Design for the Environment" initiative - one where the environmental impact of each chosen element is taken into thoughtful consideration.

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Praeterra's sumptuous basketweaved leather seat shrouds are crafted from materials recovered from former aircraft interiors while reclaimed ocean polycarbonate plastics are reborn as light lenses. Discarded employee uniforms find new life as bamboo and cotton composite seat coverings. The bespoke marquetry in the bulkhead surface is made from leftover veneer scraps from other aircraft builds. Recycled aluminum, copper, and nickel are upcycled to make ornamental metal surfaces. Artisans create cabinetry and tabletops from commercially cultivated, sourced materials rather than wild hearts of palm fruit. The usually unseen, interior structural support elements have been designed for later use in furniture design and manufacturing – an inspiration borrowed from Henry Ford who, in 1908, demanded that wooden crates used by his suppliers to be of a specific size so they could be disassembled and used in the production of his Model T.

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Collectively the multifaceted Praeterra has beautifully proven that what's old is indeed new again, and the concept has soared to earn Embraer a place for an International Yacht & Aviation Award.

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