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Falcon's 10X Redefines Comfort and Style for Long-Distance Travel.


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The business world encompasses a vast expanse, especially when traveling for business purposes
from major cities in North America and Europe to the Asia Pacific region. The distance between Tokyo and Paris is approximately 6,000 miles, while Sydney to New York spans roughly 10,000 miles, resulting in non-stop flights lasting 12 to 15 hours. Dassault engineers pondered how they could enhance the passenger experience during these extensive journeys. Their solution aims to make passengers feel more at home or in their office rather than in a business jet.

The 10X aircraft's cabin pressurization maintains a low altitude of 3,000 feet at a cruising height of 41,000 feet. This lower cabin pressure altitude helps reduce fatigue, distinguishing the 10X cabins as superior to airline cabins, which typically operate at altitudes of 6,000 to 8,000 feet—moreover, the 10X features oversized windows, which flood the spacious cabin with natural light. Passengers can control the LED lighting, allowing for various settings, such as soft reading light or gradual sunrises, which aid in adjusting their circadian rhythms.

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Dassault Aviation Le Bourget, France. © Dassault Aviation - A. Daste


In essence, the 10X provides passengers with an abundance of features. The cabin includes an extended galley with a crew rest area option. The passenger area consists of four equally-sized cabin zones, each equipped with its own climate controls. The cabin design offers flexibility, allowing for customization by shortening or extending each zone to meet specific layout requirements. For example, one can specify a shortened compartment to function as an entertainment center, featuring a divan on one side and a large-screen TV on the other. Alternatively, the aft zone can be lengthened to create a private suite, complete with a full queen-size bed—an option not feasible in other large business jets due to their narrower width. An en-suite bath can also be equipped with the most extensive shower available in business aviation, featuring electro-chromatic dimmable windows and a generous supply of 30-minute hot water.

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To reflect the latest trends in home design, Dassault designers moved away from traditional, bulky cabin furniture. The 10X cabin embraces Modernist lines and decorative motifs, which have garnered enthusiasm from customers and aviation journalists alike. Some have even recognized influences from notable 20th-century artists such as Piet Mondrian, George Braque, Marc Chagall, and Marcel Duchamp.

Another new feature on the 10X is the optional Falcon Privacy suite, a first in the business jet industry. Customers can order one or two suites for the aft cabin compartment. The suite includes
aisle dividers for enhanced privacy and electronically reclining seats that lie fully flat. This Falcon Privacy Suite proves particularly suitable for long flights for two main reasons. Firstly, it offers a sanctuary for passengers seeking to work or enjoy some personal time. Secondly, it provides added privacy for sleeping during corporate flights.

The Falcons have earned a reputation for being quiet aircraft, producing noise levels below 50dB, equivalent to that of a typical suburban living room. The upcoming Falcon 10X is planned to be even quieter. These jets are designed to provide a comfortable experience for passengers, with low noise, minimal vibrations, and low cabin altitudes. As a result, passengers feel significantly better after long flights.

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Dassault Aviation Saint-Cloud, France. © Dassault Aviation - V. Almansa


While the discussion of cabin style may suggest a focus on French aesthetics, the Falcon 10X also pays homage to Dassault's heritage as one of France's prominent aerospace companies and a leading manufacturer of advanced fighter aircraft worldwide. Dassault Aviation was an early pioneer in digital flight control technology, implementing fly-by-wire systems in their fighters for enhanced maneuverability. In 2005, they became the first to introduce digital flight controls in a business jet with the Falcon 7X, and the Falcon 10X boasts even more advanced digital flight control features.

As parts and significant structures for the 10X are built, and the final assembly of the first units are underway, Dassault's commitment to style, comfort, and technology shines through in this aircraft. The 10X represents the epitome of French aesthetics and pays tribute to Dassault's heritage as a leading aerospace company and a renowned builder of advanced fighter aircraft. With its blend of quintessentially French exports, customers can soon enjoy an exceptional experience on the world's longest routes.

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