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To create the exclusive Pride 1978, 7 casks have been locked in Glenmorangie's

archives since 1978.

July 14, 2014  | By: Richard Crawford | Orignal Article Published in Summer 2014 Issue

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The 1970’s were a decade of boisterous churning, Wars were being fought, borders were erased, (while others were being created), conflicts erupted, scandals were born, unforgettable sporting achievements were being recorded, music was changing and as always, politics ensued.


But on October 5th of 1978 in a small quiet corner of the world known as the Royal Burgh of Tain, deep in the highlands of Scotland, a fine spirit was gently flowing from the Glenmorangie stills, oblivious to all that was happening around it.


Placed in select casks and sheltered from the global turmoil, this young unassuming whisky would begin its 34-year journey toward being an esteemed and definitive whisky.


I had the honor of being invited to and attending the Academy Mansion in New York City where Dr. William (Bill) Lumsden Head of Distilling and Whisky Creation at the Glenmorangie Company cheerily unveiled to the world his latest creation, The Glenmorangie Pride 1978.


Only 700 1-liter bottles of this fantastic 34-year-old treasure are available worldwide and each will be accompanied Idris Khan's signed “Disappearing Casks” limited edition print.  At a price of $5,800 this is a special indulgence to be enjoyed, savored and shared in those moments of life, which are worth celebrating.

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