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The Gulfstream G280 private jet has been updated with new features that improve the passenger experience—making private air travel even more luxurious.




Gulfstream produces some of the most sought-after private jets in the world, combining a luxurious passenger experience with unrivaled performance. The G280 is one of the company’s most popular midsized jets—and it has recently benefited from a number of new enhancements and features that make it even more desirable for discerning business and leisure travelers.

“We are seeing tremendous demand for the G280, further proving the aircraft is the high-performing super-midsize leader,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “We remain confident in the G280’s proven track record and are committed to investing in enhancements that further increase the benefits it offers customers.”

The most notable of the new features in a post-pandemic world is the option to equip the cabin of the G280 with Gulfstream’s plasma ionization clean air system. This innovative, scientifically proven system ensures passenger wellness throughout the flight by neutralizing pathogens and allergens and complements the existing 100%-fresh-air cabin environment.

The enhancements also streamline the pilot workload and overall aircraft safety, making private jet travel even more attractive. New avionics features include SiriusXM graphical weather with real-time updates and access to vertical weather and predictive windshear information, allowing pilots to easily avoid inclement weather during the flight—offering not only a safer flight but also a smoother, more comfortable journey.

d_g280_i_newsroom_201 (1).jpg

While the G280 is already designed to tackle some of the world’s most challenging airports—such as Lugano, which has a short runway in the mouth of a valley in a mountainous region in Switzerland and requires an extremely steep approach—a new surface management system that alerts pilots to unsafe ground and arrival operations makes the landing an even smoother process and helps to prevent runway incursions. In addition, dual electronic charts help create a paperless flight deck, reducing pilot workload and allowing them increased focus on the flight itself.

With its spacious cabin with 19 large oval windows, high-definition entertainment systems, and conference facilities, the enhanced G280 takes private jet travel to new heights.

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