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Gulfstream has reached a new milestone with its new ultra-luxurious business jet, G700, featuring its tallest, widest, and longest cabin to-date.


Gulfstream 700


Providing the best performing business aircraft and the ultimate in passenger comfort seems to be in Gulfstream's DNA. Following its show-stopping launch at the 2019 Las Vegas National Business Aviation Association Conference, the esteemed brand appears to be destined to continue the legacy with its newest jet - the Gulfstream G700.

Gulfstream 700


The 19-passenger G700 boasts a range of 7,500 nautical miles at Mach 0.85, outdistancing the G600 by 1,000 nautical miles and flies comfortably from New York to Tokyo or from Rome to Los Angeles nonstop. Its ultra-longrange, speed, and performance with flight-deck innovation and cutting-edge cabin creation, offers customers an unprecedented aircraft experience.

Powered by the exclusive high-thrust Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engine, the most powerful in the Rolls-Royce business jet propulsion portfolio, the G700 has an 8 percent increase in takeoff thrust at 18,250lb compared to the BR725 engine while retaining the class-leading low noise and emissions performance. The custom engine, along with the newly designed winglets, ensures the aircraft achieves high-performance abilities. The boosted performance means one can fly farther, faster, and more efficiently.

Gulfstream 700


The comprehensive, advanced avionics suite features the award-winning Symmetry Flight DeckTM and other new safety advancements. Thanks to another Gulfstream award-winner, the Predictive Landing Performance System - pilots have advanced warning of potential runway incursions so they can adjust accordingly. The Enhanced Flight Vision System and Synthetic Vision on dual head-up displays assure pilots the clearest possible vision even in challenging weather conditions.

Gulfstream 700
Gulfstream 700


As to the design innovations of the unprecedented luxury of the interior, there are up to five living areas where customers can extend their personal and professional lifestyles to their aircraft. The G700 offers an ultra-galley with a passenger lounge or crew compartment, a six-place dining/conference room, and a master suite with shower. Panoramic oval windows, the largest in the industry, and the industry's lowest cabin altitude enhances wellness, while the 100 percent fresh air and whisper-quiet cabin afford an incredibly relaxing experience.

Gulfstream 700


"Gulfstream has a long tradition of listening to our customers, and the G700 cabin is the evolution of that collaboration," said Gulfstream President Mark Burns. "Customers shared how much they value flexibility and comfort in the cabin, all without compromising the speed and range advantages they have come to expect from Gulfstream. The G700 delivers all that and more."


For those who are asking, do we really need another jet? The answer apparently is yes. As with others, the latest model seems to be in high demand with Flexjet and Qatar Airways among some of the first to order a fleet. Gulfstream anticipates G700 customer deliveries in 2022.

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