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Heller Gallery of New York celebrates the use of glass as a fine art medium at Art Southampton 2014

July 15, 2014  | By: E.J. Webber

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Each year during July, and in the peak of the social and cultural season in the Hamptons, an event takes place of premier international and contemporary modern art importance - Art Southampton


One of our favorite exhibitors this year is Heller Gallery.


Heller Gallery of New York promotes contemporary sculpture that celebrates the

use of glass as a fine art medium. One such artist is Amber Cowan of Pennsylvania who is also a glassblower and educator. Shown above is her glass/mixed media piece called White Swan Theater, created in 2014.


Award winning artist, Sibylle Peretti's work will also be on display at Heller gallery's booth.  I SEARCH IN SNOW, 2014, shown below.