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International Jet Interiors and SFERRA have partnered to create JET ESSENTIALS™, a line of bespoke linens tailored for private jets, blending luxury aviation with Italian craftsmanship to redefine in-flight dining and comfort.




As the owner of a private jet, you recognize that every detail counts towards achieving unparalleled luxury. Standard, ill-fitting linens, suitable for residential settings, fall short of the high standards demanded by luxury aviation. Your unique lifestyle requires bespoke solutions that elevate the in-flight experience.

International Jet Interiors, a leader in custom private aircraft design, modification and refurbishment, has partnered with SFERRA, the renowned Italian linen maker, to unveil JET ESSENTIALS™. This exclusive collection of custom-crafted linens is designed to perfectly fit any private jet model, including those from Boeing, Bombardier, Falcon, and Gulfstream. This partnership reflects a mutual commitment to excellence and to providing an unmatched in-flight dining experience, ensuring every flight is a benchmark of luxury and sophistication.

Aircraft JET ESSENTIALS Linens.jpeg
Private Jet Essentials.jpeg


Featuring options named “Alpha,” “Echo,” and “Romeo,” these linens not only nod to aviation communication but also appeal to the tastes of the elite aviation community. This collaboration between International Jet Interiors and SFERRA sets a new standard in luxury in-flight dining, promising an experience that mirrors the sophistication and meticulous attention to detail their discerning clientele expect.

Ultimately, this partnership marries high fashion with aviation, introducing a level of opulence that enhances the travel experience. As these fine linens grace private jets, they promise to transform the cabin atmosphere, making every journey an unparalleled experience of luxury.

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