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L’Île Mystérieuse transforms a collector’s passion for
Jules Verne into a captivating museum experience, blending history, literature, and maritime heritage.


L’Île Mystérieuse


As appreciation for literature and history often finds itself overshadowed by the digital age, one project stands as a beacon for collectors and enthusiasts alike. L’Île Mystérieuse, a visionary creation by FOR. design planning, is not just a museum but a holistic experience that pays homage to the legendary tales of Jules Verne. Here the passion for Verne’s works and maritime history is encapsulated within the walls of a transformed 20th-century edifice.

The inception of L’Île Mystérieuse was fueled by the dreams of a fervent Jules Verne collector, who, over the years, amassed over 300 artifacts through auctions and estate sales. This collection, a testament to the collector’s dedication, found a home when a real estate opportunity presented itself, transforming a dream into reality. The result is a multifaceted establishment that includes a museum, a restaurant-lounge, and a boutique, all dedicated to celebrating the legacy of Jules Verne, with a special nod to his novel “The Mysterious Island.”


L’Île Mystérieuse


Nestled in the “Blue House,” a 20th-century building that has undergone significant renovation and extension, L’Île Mystérieuse marries history with modernity. The original stone walls, fireplaces, doors, windows, and roof of the house have been meticulously restored, preserving the charm and essence of the era. A glass extension, designed to house the museum and boutique, showcases a custom-made fresco depicting the poignant death of Captain Nemo, a central figure in Verne’s universe.


L’Île Mystérieuse
L’Île Mystérieuse


As you continue reading, imagine stepping into a 19th-century cigar lounge atmosphere, where the essence of Jules Verne’s era is vividly recreated. First editions of Verne’s novels, alongside artworks and ship models, are displayed with reverence, surrounded by décor that echoes the period’s aesthetic. The restaurant and bar area continue the narrative, with design elements such as a bronze mesh circular bar and staircase, lighting fixtures that mimic a submarine’s descent, and a ceiling adorned with lights representing the Aquarius constellation, a nod to Verne’s astrological sign.

L’Île Mystérieuse
L’Île Mystérieuse


The meticulous attention to detail extends to the bathrooms, designed to evoke the abyss’s enigmatic allure, featuring custom wallpaper with maritime motifs and a unique lighting design that adds to the immersive experience.

L’Île Mystérieuse is a story of passion, a legacy of maritime heritage, and a tribute to the adventurous spirit of Jules Verne. It honors not only the collector’s dedication but also the maritime lineage of the co-owner’s family, who have served as ship captains on the St. Lawrence River. In this unique space, the tales of Captain Nemo and the adventures of Verne’s characters come to life, inviting readers to embark on a journey through time and imagination.

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