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Looking for a private jet? Entering service in 2020, Bombardier proudly presents the Learjet 75 Liberty as the world’s newest and best light business jet.



For many, owning or having access to a private jet really boils down to one thing – the convenience. No reason to get to the airport two hours early, wait in ridiculously long security check lines, and then navigate through the thousands of people looking for their gate or baggage pick up before you even get to the gate to wait some more for your plane. Simply, head to your favorite fixed based operation (FBO or private jet terminal), check in and board your plane. Having a business jet means having access to an elite transportation system that takes your preferences and conveniences as the number one priority.

But which business jet to choose from? While I admit that there are quite a few on the market that will tick all the boxes for any discerning traveler, there is a new jet that is on my radar these days – Bombardier’s Learjet 75 Liberty. With a list price of U.S. $9.9 million, the exceptional value represents a new frontier for not only the Learjet brand, but for Bombardier Aviation. Passengers who step into the six-seat Learjet 75 Liberty will not only be able to stretch out in the only impressive forward cabin 2-seat Executive Suite in the light jet category, but will luxuriate in a superb and spacious cabin with the quietest and smoothest ride possible



Bombardier declares that this jet will offer better performance at the same operating costs as its competitor aircraft. Features such as the flat floor throughout the cabin, a standard pocket door between the cockpit, and the Executive Suite provides the quietest of environments tailored for productivity. The aircraft is certified to the FAA’s most stringent Part 25 regulations, regulations that are applied to commercial airliners unlike its closest competitors in the light jet category who are certified to Part 23 regulations. An advanced flight deck and the Garmin G5000 avionics upgrade makes this jet the preferred aircraft by many pilots for the impressive handling characteristics and performance.



Touching on avionics matters, the plane features a Synthetic Vision System, advanced weather radar, triple integrated FMS with graphical flight planning, and Datalink capabilities. With a takeoff distance being 4,440 ft. and a landing distance of 2,296 ft. allows for quick and smooth airfield performance as well. As to the operating altitude, 45,000 ft. of perfect cruising altitude is possible with a maximum altitude of 51,000 ft. The Honeywell engines will take the craft to a maximum range of 2,080 nm with a top speed of Mach 0.81, a cruise speed of 0.76 and high-speed cruise of 0.79, you will wonder how quickly your destination was met.



With a length of 58 feet and a wingspan of nearly 51 feet this powerhouse of a light jet is small yet so powerful. The Learjet 75 Liberty is truly a liberation of flight, it flies you farther, faster, and with more room – it is the best of the best in safety standards and economical performance – all in all – “exceptional by design”.

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