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Light Business Jets That Offer On-Demand Travel

With a healthy rebound of the economy comes a surge in sales of light business jets.  According to private consulting firm, Barr Group Aerospace, aircraft sales were up 6.4 percent the first quarter of 2014 and the Market Forecast produced by Bombardier Business Aircraft reports that aircraft deliveries to high-net-worth individuals (HNWls), often defined as individuals with a net worth of $50M or more, account for about one-third of the overall business jet market.  This is good news for light jet manufactures and great news for the HNWIs in the market for a jet.  Historically, light jets, (which are typically able to carry between six and nine passengers on short haul flights), have been considered as a cost-effective, safe, fast, and flexible choice of travel for the HNWIs and professionals who require convenience and efficiency in reaching their destinations.  Here are a few of the latest light jets available for consideration.


Photography Courtesy of Cessna Aircraft Company


Cessna Citation CJ3+  The approximately $9M jet seats up to nine passengers and travels at a cruise speed of up to 416mph. 


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Photography Courtesy of Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.


Eclipse 550 The approximately $3M jet seats five and can fly 1,125 nautical miles at 41,000 feet at a maximum speed of 430 mph.



Photography Courtesy of Honda Aircraft


HondaJet The five passenger jet cruises at 483 mph, has a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet, a range of 1,357 miles, and costs approximately $4.5M


Photography Courtesy of Embraer


Embraer Legacy 450 The $16.5m light midsize jet seats up to nine in a six-foot tall, flat floor cabin and reaches a top speed of 540 mph.


Photography Courtesy of Bombardier


Learjet 70 The revamped version of the Learjet 40, starts at approximately $11.3M, carries up to 9 passengers, and reaches a max cruise speed of Mach .081.

August 2, 2015 | By: Editorial Team | Follow Us on Twitter @PrivateAirMag

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