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Brazilian design duo, the Campana Brothers team up with Louis Vuitton to create a luxurious chair inspired by nature.




Since 2012, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has been collaborating with some of the biggest names in design to bring its craft expertise to new visions—the results of which are somewhat of a departure from the covetable monogrammed accessories the fashion house is best known for.

The evocatively named Objets Nomades Collection is a celebration of the world of travel. It has featured everything from a portable leather hammock by a London-based atelier oï to a foldable lounge chair by Dutch design star Marcel Wanders. One of the most recent additions is a fantastical bloom-like chair by Brazilian design duo the Campana Brothers.

The Bulbo chair—which retails for $103,000—has a layered form that evokes the petals of a rare tropical flower, each lined with Louis Vuitton leather on one side and cozy textile on the other to create a welcoming nest for the sitter.

The voluptuous chair isn’t the first collaboration between the brothers and the luxury brand. There’s also the Bomboca sofa, which comprises eight plush leather cushions that fit together like a puzzle, and the Cocoon hanging chair wrapped entirely in sumptuous fur. Each carefully crafted piece is a cozy, magical retreat from the world that is a testament to the power of good design.

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