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Ever wished for a team of experts with the ability to bring dreams to life and elevate the everyday? Maison Benjamin is a member’s lifestyle service that can do everything from curate your wine collection and arrange a private chef to organize and provide staff for your home.


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Imagine a romantic champagne and caviar picnic set beneath the Eiffel Tower, an exotic family vacation to the remote island of Nosy Be in Madagascar, or a private chef who can whip up a five-star meal with a moment’s notice or even prepare fresh halibut for the family pooch. Welcome to the world of Maison Benjamin, where anything is possible.

Maison Benjamin is the vision of Benjamin Vaschetti, who comes from an impressive career in Michelinstarred restaurants, luxury hospitality, and even stints working for the Royal Family of Greece and sailing on mega yachts across Europe and the Caribbean. “I grew up on a busy farm in the south of France where my parents and grandparents always had lots of staff, friends, and family around,” he recalls. “The generosity of hosting people and sharing food and wine was instilled in me at a young age—hospitality is really in my blood.”

In 2020, as the hospitality industry was beginning to see the full impact of the global pandemic, Vaschetti took the opportunity to pivot his career, bringing the luxury hospitality experience from fine dining restaurants and boutique hotels directly to a client’s home.



“The idea with Maison Benjamin was to house a wide range of lifestyle services under one roof,” explains Vaschetti. “We’re here to take care of the things that clients may not necessarily want or have time to look after themselves.”

For Maison Benjamin’s discerning members—who can join on a monthly, seasonal, or on-demand basis—this list is long and varied. As such, the services have been structured into three categories: Culinary, Lifestyle, and Property Management. Culinary services include personal chefs, in-flight catering for private flights, gourmet product sourcing, and restaurant recommendations; Lifestyle services range from travel bookings to personal shopping; and Property Management encompasses household organization, staffing, maintenance, and even house sitting.

While these luxuries can help to define a client’s trip, experience, or home, Vaschetti and his team are also there to look after the more minor details—no matter how unusual. “Once, a client forgot a briefcase in London, so I took the first Eurostar train to deliver it to Paris and was back to London in time for a dinner service,” says Vaschetti. “Another time, a client forgot to pack undergarments for a trip. I picked up the bag from Monte Carlo and drove three hours to Portofino, where the yacht was departing from. Our clients’ satisfaction is the most rewarding experience and our raison d’etre.”



The Maison Benjamin experience has also been transformed into an online boutique, stocking a collection of luxurious products. There’s a Signature Cake inspired by Vaschetti’s love of lemon-flavored treats and made using the brand’s own private label extra virgin olive oil; a private label aged balsamic vinegar; and an ocean, sea salt, and driftwood-scented candle created in collaboration with Hamptons Hand-poured and designed to refresh the kitchen after cooking.

“To me, luxury is a state of great comfort,” says Vaschetti. “I picture climbing a ladder and reaching the uppermost rung in the clouds—true luxury is at this elevation level that takes time and care to attain.”

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