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Matteo Perin Unveils Exquisite High-End Jewelry Line
in Collaboration with Marcello Giansante.



From Top to Bottom:
Kaleido Ring: a ring that for its movement resembles the kaleidoscope from which the name, is made of white gold,
rose gold, fade-in pink sapphires and diamonds, inside rubies mounted in reverse. Starflower Ring: This ring is the emblem of our moving jewelry, created with
a mechanism that has never existed before, rotating it opens and closes, in the photo we have the version in rose gold, pink sapphires, brilliants and rubies. Available in all other metals and gemstones.

Jewelry, clothing, and
accessories designed by
Matteo Perin.

Photography By:
Angelo Lanza


Renowned lifestyle designer Matteo Perin is set to captivate the world of luxury this fall with the unveiling of his unique and exquisite high-end jewelry line. In a remarkable collaboration with  esteemed Italian jeweler Marcello Giansante, Perin showcases his talent for crafting not only  clothing but also a wide range of lifestyle accessories, including luggage and now jewelry.

The story of this extraordinary jewelry collection began several years ago when Perin crossed  paths with Marcello Giansante through a family connection. Instantly drawn to Giansante's unwavering passion and dedication to the art of quality design, Perin knew he had found the  perfect collaborator to bring his vision to life.

As a true visionary, Perin sought to create an exceptional high jewelry collection known as "Alta  Gioielleria" in Italy. With ideas blossoming in his mind and taking shape on paper, he knew he  needed someone who could fully grasp his creative concepts and transform them into tangible  works of art. Marcello Giansante proved to be the perfect partner, possessing exceptional  craftsmanship and a background in the mechanical field, which added a remarkable dimension to  their collaboration.

Perin's excitement grew as he and Giansante delved into the design process, exploring the  creation of statement pieces and moveable jewelry that would spark captivating conversations.  The fusion of Perin's imaginative designs and Giansante's technical expertise resulted in an extraordinary collection that pushed boundaries and showcased the true artistry of fine jewelry.


Among the collection's notable achievements is the stunning Star Flower ring, a masterpiece that  posed the most significant challenge during its creation. The intricate mechanical components  required to bring this ring to life demanded meticulous attention to detail. The captivating dégradé of stones combined with the ring's transformative ability to open and close like a  blooming flower required multiple phases of design and rigorous testing. The result is a truly unique piece, particularly the version adorned with white diamonds and a breathtaking 2.5-carat  center stone.

Matteo Perin

However, for Perin, the true challenge lies in designing jewelry that holds timeless appeal and the  potential to become cherished family heirlooms. Each piece within the collection is intended  to transcend fashion trends, resonating as a wearable work of art that can be passed down   hrough generations, symbolizing enduring love and heritage.

Drawing from his background as a clothing designer, Perin brings a distinctive perspective to the  art of making fine jewelry. His self-proclaimed role as a designer of life's beautiful things has led  him to explore various creative realms, from clothing to travel goods, home decor, yacht, private jet interiors, and even space design. Recognizing the integral role jewelry plays in enhancing  one's life experiences, Perin's collection offers versatility, allowing wearers to curate their looks based on their mood, style, or occasion. Whether choosing to make a bold statement with a  single standout piece or layering delicate designs, Perin's jewelry enables individuals to fully
embrace and enjoy their time on earth. 

Matteo Perin and Marcello Giansante's collaboration represents a convergence of artistic minds,  resulting in a jewelry collection that epitomizes luxury, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. With the unveiling of their remarkable designs this fall, the world of high-end jewelry is set to  witness a new chapter where creativity and sophistication intertwine to redefine the boundaries of beauty and style.


From Top to Bottom:
Kube ring: squareshaped made of
rose gold, whitegold, yellow gold
and diamonds can be full pavé or demi pavé. Rings from the Fleur collection: they are rings that open and close just like a flower, the elements are disassembled
and they can be interchangeable with each other, made of yellow gold, white gold and diamonds,
it can be made with heart petals and with all the precious stones such as rubies, emerald sapphires
etc. Double Panther ring: Two panthers hug each other in rose gold, white gold, diamonds, sapphires, and eye rubies.


Parure Grace:
Precious and important parure,
consisting of necklace, ring, earrings, and bracelet. In white
gold and rubies. Also available in emeralds, sapphires, diamonds.

Matteo Perin
Matteo Perin.jpg

Lumiere Collection:
Lumiere top necklace made of white gold and diamonds, it is a “jointed and sinuous” necklace
as well as the ring and earrings composed of 52 junctions that create its concise movement.
Eclipse Bracelet: A versatile  bracelet, with sapphires and white
diamonds, in white gold, suitable for both men and women.


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