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The Horological Machine Nº11, known as ‘The Architect,’ is a groundbreaking fusion of architectural design and horological artistry, priced at $230K, offering collectors a unique blend of innovation, functionality, and aesthetic brilliance.




In the elite echelons of luxury watchmaking, where innovation intertwines with tradition, Maximilian Büsser’s Horological Machine Nº11, affectionately known as “The Architect,” stands as a groundbreaking milestone. This timepiece transcends mere functionality, becoming a symbol of architectural ingenuity and horological artistry. With “The Architect,” Büsser and his team at MB&F venture beyond established norms, presenting a creation that epitomizes the fusion of form, function, and fantasy.



Embarking on the Journey of the HM11
The inception of the HM11 was sparked by a provocative challenge to Büsser’s creative predictability, propelling him into an exploratory realm where timekeeping merges with architectural wonder. “In 2018, a remark from a friend about becoming ‘predictable’ jolted me into a new creative trajectory. This led me to draw inspiration from the revolutionary architecture of the 60s and 70s, a period when design was not just functional but also a bold statement about the future,” Büsser shares, encapsulating the essence of the HM11’s conceptual genesis.
“The design of the HM11, envisioned as a timepiece that mirrors such revolutionary houses, incorporates four distinct ‘rooms.’ Each offers a unique view into the watch’s intricate mechanics,” explains Büsser. At its heart, a complex flying tourbillon beats energetically, interacting with the surrounding ‘rooms’—each dedicated to displaying hours and minutes, power reserve, a mechanical thermometer, and lastly, a transparent sapphire crown. “This intricate setup was designed with the intent that the case could be turned, allowing the wearer to choose which function to view, integrating an innovative method to wind the movement through this interaction,” Büsser elaborates on the unique interactive feature of HM11.

Navigating the Technical Labyrinth
Bringing the HM11 to life was fraught with technical hurdles, each overcome through a mix of ingenuity and expertise. “The architectural ambition of the HM11, with its conical gears and vertical information transmission, posed a considerable challenge. Yet, it was the integration of a rotating case that could also wind the movement that truly tested our capabilities,” Büsser shares, emphasizing the innovative spirit that drove the development process.

Perhaps the most poignant reflection on the development process comes from Büsser’s insight into overcoming the inherent challenges of marrying aesthetics with functionality. “Ensuring that this fusion was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound was paramount. It involved a delicate balance of technical ingenuity and creative vision, embodied in the HM11’s conical gears and three-dimensional time indication,” he adds, underlining the meticulous attention to detail required in the HM11’s creation.




The Architect’s Resounding Echo
“We were on tenterhooks before the launch, but the ecstatic response from collectors and the horological community affirmed our belief in the power of exceptional creativity,” Büsser reflects on the positive acclaim that greeted the HM11. The feedback from the community was not just a nod to the piece’s uniqueness but a testament to its revolutionary impact. “The HM11’s reception went beyond commercial success; it sparked a dialogue on the future of watchmaking and the endless possibilities that lie in daring to imagine,” Büsser notes, capturing the essence of the HM11’s contribution to the horological landscape.



Looking Beyond the Horizon
For Büsser, the HM11 is not just another milestone but a stepping stone toward broader horizons of innovation and exploration, encouraging ventures into the unknown and embracing a future where horological explorations know no bounds. “The journey with the HM11 has emboldened us to venture further into the unknown, breaking free from conventional categories and embracing a future where our horological explorations know no bounds,” he envisions, hinting at the exciting prospects ahead for MB&F.

In redefining the parameters of luxury watchmaking, the Horological Machine Nº11 “The Architect” emerges not just as a testament to Maximilian Büsser’s relentless pursuit of innovation but as a beacon of inspiration, urging us to envision a future unbound by the constraints of tradition. Through “The Architect,” Büsser and his team at MB&F remind us that in the world of horology, the true essence of luxury lies in the courage to dream and the audacity to realize those dreams.

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