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The Paolina Collection by Pratesi Linens elevates bedtime luxury, merging the ancient elegance of the palmette motif with the unmatched softness of Angel Luxe Egyptian cotton.

The Paolina Collection by Pratesi Linens
The Paolina Collection by Pratesi Linens
The Paolina Collection by Pratesi Linens


Once you've experienced the sheer decadence of sleeping on a bed adorned with $10,000 worth of luxury linens, it's almost impossible to comprehend how you ever managed to drift off to sleep on anything less. It's this level of unparalleled comfort and luxury that Pratesi Linens brings to the forefront with their latest offering, the Paolina Collection. This collection sees the revival of a cherished design from the archives, where the elegance of the interlinked palmette motif takes center stage, embroidered with a shimmering thread that catches the light and the eye in equal measure. The palmette, a stylized representation of the lotus, lily, or palm, carries with it a rich heritage of being a revered emblem in ornamental art, with its roots winding back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt. It's a symbol that speaks of life's unending cycle, lending the Paolina Collection an air of enigmatic beauty and depth.


At the heart of this collection lies the Angel Luxe fabric, Pratesi's signature percale, which is meticulously woven from the finest strands of Egyptian cotton. This choice of material not only promises a touch of softness that's akin to a gentle caress but also ensures durability and a whisper of luxury that's hard to find elsewhere. Each piece within the collection is hand-cut and painstakingly finished with the traditional mezzo punto hemstitch, a testament to the craftsmanship that Pratesi Linens' Italian ateliers are renowned for. From the choice of fiber to the finishing touches, every detail is a nod to the brand's commitment to excellence and its roots in Italian artisanship. With the Paolina Collection, Pratesi Linens invites you to not just sleep, but to indulge in a nightly ritual of luxury and comfort that's centuries in the making.

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