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The predecessor of the modern hotel originated in medieval Europe, in the middle of the 18th century, to receive wealthy guests. Fast forward to the 19th century, and luxury hotels can be found in almost every city. While in the past, the hotel was mainly used for business trips and overnight stays. With the popularity of hedonism, its existence is a thousand times more entertaining. We not only go to the hotel for a good night's sleep, but to rekindle relationships, unwind, meditate, take a break from the kids, and simply immerse ourselves in pure luxury of being able to order room service, watch a movie, enjoy the decor and not have to clean up after yourself.

And more than ever, hoteliers are providing the ultimate in hospitality with their Presidential Suites. These suites are meant to provide the ultimate experience for high-net-worth individuals who are used to the best. Therefore, it's no surprise that you may be able to find a library of up to 26 feet of cathedral ceilings, a Bösendorfer miniature grand piano, a mother-of-pearl decoration on the lacquered walls, stunning art and furniture, and even rare Chinese onyx.

Here are four "Presidential Suites" in the United States, that have continuously lured and impressed the most discerning travelers:

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A National Historic Landmark located in West Virginia, the Presidential Suite of the Greenbrier is one of the more spacious and is much like a home. The seven-bedroom suite occupies two floors and boasts a private entry, accommodates 14, and can entertain 200 guests. A grand piano in the living room found President Dwight D. Eisenhower entertaining guests at a summit conference in 1956. This posh landmark has been the residence of many notable personages in past and current society including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.



Unrivaled and located on the very private 51st floor, this Presidential Suite is breathtaking in view and accouterments. Designed by the renowned I.M. Pai, the area seems to float above the skyline of New York. Walls embossed with leather panels, bedroom walls wrapped in Thai silk, guarantee perfect nights of peaceful sleep. Set around gilt fixtures, leather furnishings, and custom game tables, a Steinway Grand piano occupies the focal point of the living room.

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The Prince of Wales once said, “I slept better in the Presidential Suite of the Bel-Air than in any other hotel in the world.” For a truly unique travel experience, these lavish accommodations have more than just glamorous roots. Known as the sanctuary where celebrities can hide away, you may wish to follow in the footsteps of Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, or current famed persons. Offering private dining for ten, chef ’s kitchen, piano, private full-sized swimming pool, modern interiors, and plenty of tranquility.

Presidential Perks



While there are many Presidential Suites, the Mandarin Oriental is truly a standout retreat along the capitol’s revitalized southwest waterfront. Distinguished with modern design and amenities and a most luxurious haven, this spectacular suite offers two ensuite bedrooms, a circular living room, and dining room for eight, a kitchen, with butler pantry. Private entry and a short walk from the Nation’s monuments, fabulous restaurants, and spectacular water views will make you feel presidential every day.

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