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The Samson Sky Switchblade revolutionizes personal travel by
seamlessly blending the convenience of a car with the freedom of flight, offering unmatched luxury, flexibility, and innovation.


The Samson Sky Switchblade, designed by Sam Bousfield, Founder and CEO of Samson Sky, is a groundbreaking hybrid vehicle poised to transform personal air travel. This innovative creation is not just an aircraft; it’s a personal flying car designed to provide unparalleled convenience, luxury, and freedom for discerning travelers.

The Switchblade is designed to seamlessly transition between driving and flying, bridging the gap between conventional ground travel and the boundless skies. Its sleek, aerodynamic design ensures optimal performance on both the road and in the air. Featuring a three-wheel configuration for ground use and deployable wings for flight, the Switchblade boasts a top speed of 125 mph on the ground and a cruise speed of 160 mph in the air.

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and navigation systems, the Switchblade ensures a safe and smooth flight experience. The cockpit, designed with the pilot in mind, features intuitive controls and advanced safety features. Transitioning from car to aircraft is automated and takes less than three minutes, highlighting the innovative engineering behind this vehicle.

Luxury is at the heart of the Switchblade experience. The interior is crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, providing a comfortable and stylish environment for both pilot and passenger. Whether for a short hop to a nearby city or a longer journey, the Switchblade ensures travel in comfort and style.


One of the most significant advantages of the Switchblade is its accessibility. Unlike traditional private jets that require large airports, the Switchblade can operate from much smaller airstrips, offering greater convenience and a wider range of travel options. Additionally, the ability to drive the vehicle on regular roads means there’s no need for additional ground transportation upon landing.

In an era where environmental impact is a significant concern, the Switchblade stands out with its efficient fuel consumption and lower emissions compared to traditional aircraft. Its hybrid nature aligns with the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.



The Samson Sky Switchblade represents a new frontier in personal air travel, offering a glimpse into a future where the boundaries between ground and air transportation blur, providing unprecedented freedom and flexibility. For the discerning traveler who values time, convenience, and luxury, the Switchblade is not just an innovation; it’s a revolution.

As the world of aviation continues to evolve, the Switchblade stands out as a beacon of what’s possible when creativity meets engineering prowess. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or an aviation enthusiast, the Switchblade promises an experience like no other, redefining the very concept of personal transportation.

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