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Sartoria Studio x Scabal Unite Unleashing a New Era
of Bespoke Excellence with Gold, Diamond Chips, and
Lapis Fabrics and Made-to-Measuring Tailoring.




In the iconic streets of New York City's Soho district, a hidden gem has been captivating the  hearts of men seeking sartorial excellence. Sartoria Studio, founded in late 2022 by the visionary  CEO Jack Menashe, is not your ordinary haberdashery. It is a modern-style laboratory that  seamlessly blends the timeless elegance of Italian tradition and Savile Row tailoring with a  downtown New York edge.

One step into this fashion haven, located at 65-69 West Houston Street, and you are transcended  on a journey of self-discovery and impeccable style. The relaxed club lounge environment, meticulously designed by James Mansour, exudes sophistication and warmth, providing the  perfect backdrop to welcome esteemed clients with a curated collection of made-to-measure garments amongst fine art and rare collectibles.

At Sartoria Studio, the mission is clear: to help men uncover and develop their own unique  fashion identities. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter fashion, as the studio's stylists and tailors  work tirelessly to create made-to-measure clothing that is as individual as the gentlemen who  wear them. Each garment is meticulously crafted to impress and designed to last, using only the  world's most luxurious fabrics, premium embellishments, and exquisite customizations.

Sartoria Studio, Official Scabal Tailoring Partner 65-69 West Houston Street at the corner  of Wooster Street New York, NY 10012 T: +1 917 639.3827

Scabal Treasure Box_901123_901131.jpg

Scabal's Treasure Box 24 Karat
Gold Fabric Collection


One of the hallmarks of Sartoria Studio's commitment to excellence is its partnership with Scabal,  one of North America's only authorized tailoring partners. This collaboration is a  testament to the studio's dedication to offering the most extensive array of garment  customizations and quality fabrics, further cementing the haberdashery's growing reputation as  New York City's leader in custom suiting and men's bespoke apparel.

Among the breathtaking fabrics, the Scabal Treasure Box 24 Karat Gold Fabric stands out as a  true testament to luxury. For over 80 years, Scabal has been working with master weavers in England who continually push the boundaries of fabric production. The Treasure Box collection combines the softness of Super 150's Merino Wool with sumptuous 24-carat gold thread, expertly  woven together to create 12 exquisite designs. The gold inlays enhance the midnight  blue, charcoal, and black wool bases, adding an elegant touch to these suiting fabrics. Scabal  enlightens, "Up close, the precious metal sparkles, but the clever combination remains discreet  from a distance, making it subtle enough even for conservative suiting connoisseurs."


Paolo Torello-Viera, Scabal USA VP of Business Development, Tailoring, and Jack Menashe, Sartoria Studio Founder at Sartoria Studio in New York City

Photography Credit: Kate Modina


Another extravagant option in the collection is the Diamond Chip Fabric. This cloth sets a new  standard for garments that shine literally and figuratively. By incorporating genuine diamond  chips into a blend of Super 150's wool and pure silk, Scabal has created a fabric that exudes unparalleled luxury. The microscopic diamond fragments, processed into the cloth during the  spinning process, produce a uniquely glistening thread that reflects the brand's commitment to  unapologetic opulence. Despite its radiant appearance, the Diamond Chip fabric remains as  comfortable as it is visually striking.

"The material's weight and composition ensure it hangs just as elegantly as a cloth made of  diamonds deserves to, and the gem's incorporation at its earliest stages of weaving mean that  the finished fabric remains soft as the silk it contains," vows Scabal. "Woven at our heritage  Huddersfield mill, the diamond-infused Super 150 wool is combined with pure silk for an 80-20  weave that's as tactile as it is breathable."

901144 - 901141.jpg

Scabal's Dazzling Special Edition Diamond Chip Collection

Ref 901051- 901057_.jpg

Scabal’s Lapis Lazuli Fabric Collection


For those who appreciate discreet luxury and symbolism, the Lapis Lazuli Fabric is an enticing  choice. This reedition of one of Scabal's most coveted Special Collections merges the brand's Super 150's quality with cashmere and fragments of Lapis Lazuli—a noble blue gem with a history  dating back over 6,000 years. The stone is crushed and carefully brushed into a luxurious wool and cashmere combination, resulting in a cloth that exudes luster and refinement. Lapis  Lazuli not only adds a spiritual dimension to suiting but is also known for stimulating objectivity,  clarity, and personal confidence—a perfect fit for those who seek to enhance their inner strength through their outward appearance.

Sartoria Studio and Scabal have created an unmatched synergy, bringing together the expertise  of Italian and Savile Row tailoring with the downtown Manhattan edge. The collaboration  showcases the very best of both worlds, offering clients an unrivaled selection of customizations and fabrics that speak to their style sensibilities. With Sartoria Studio's commitment to excellence  and Scabal's unwavering pursuit of perfection, discerning gentlemen can rest assured that they are stepping into a world where their fashion dreams become a reality.

Whether you're a trendsetter, a traditionalist, or a gentleman looking to explore new fashion  horizons, Sartoria Studio is ready to welcome you into its world of sartorial splendor. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and transformed as you discover the art of personalized luxury at its finest.


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