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The Air X Water Generator revolutionizes the way we get our drinking water....

July 14, 2014  | By: Richard Crawford

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The essence of any magicshow is to pull something out of thin air and exclaim, Viola!!

The Air X Atmospheric Water Generator does exactly that. 


Through an exquisite patented process the equipment extracts moisture directly form it’s

surrounding environment and delivers up-to 36 liters of the cleanest freshest drinking water every day. A remarkable appliance demonstrating efficiency andsustainability. With purity at 99.99%, the water is the best of the best with a taste that surpasses any regular filtration system.


Of course no magic show would be complete without the vanishing act and the Air X delivers on cue. During itsremarkable process the appliance doubles as an air purification system removing impurities and moisture form the air to provide a clean and mold free space.


At $10,000 the rose gold model combines aesthetic form with the ultimate eco friendly function that would enhance any interior or exterior space in the home or the office.


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