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The brand new BMW i8's ultra avant-garde appearance makes it the perfect gift for those looking for a bit of green luxury.

September 30, 2014  | By: Editorial Team


 The BMW i8 hits the streets of NYC.

The brand new BMW i8 has a ultra avant-garde appearance.  The lines of each one are presented with flowing and smooth contours.  Even more, the low, flat body releases the domineering feel of a top super sports car. And the special slant front flip butterfly doors, give one a sci-fi feel along with a bit of elegance. Besides effectively enhancing its strength, the structure of the vehicle body interwoven by a large number of carbon fiber and aluminum, successfully reduces the body weight to 1,485 kg. 



Silhouetted against the strong performance power, it highlights the excellence of the i8 in terms of the aspects of fuel consumption and cleansing even more. The vehicles can drive up to 47.6 km for every liter of fuel consumed, with conversion, the carbon dioxide

emissions are only 59g/km, the original design of “more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, more driving pleasure” is implemented. The perfect gift for those who love green luxury.



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