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Rolls-Royce introduces the extraordinary Phantom
'Inspired by Cinque Terre,' a bespoke masterpiece
celebrating the enchanting allure and rich
winemaking legacy of the Italian Riviera's Cinque
Terre, meticulously crafted with unparalleled artistry
and luxurious accents.


Cinque Terre Rolls.jpg

The Rolls-Royce Phantom 'Inspired by Cinque Terre' is a truly exceptional and unique Bespoke motor car. It draws its inspiration from the captivating Cinque Terre, a collection of centuries-old fishing villages perched on the rugged cliffs of Liguria in northern Italy, celebrated for their terraced vineyards overlooking the Mediterranean.

The exterior of this remarkable motor car is adorned in a deep and rich Ligurian Blue, accentuated by a hand-applied double coachline in Navy Blue and Jasmine, featuring a delicate grapes motif. This choice of colors pays homage to the region's viticultural heritage.

Inside the car, the interior exudes timeless elegance, combining Grace White and Navy Blue leather with Jasmine accents. What truly sets it apart is the intricate grape-branch embroidery on the rear doors, comprising an astonishing 9,215 stitches executed in two different techniques. The satin stitch technique used for the grapes aligns the threads to capture the play of light, rendering each grape with lifelike tones and a lustrous quality. Meanwhile, the grape leaf employs a tatami stitch, providing a textural contrast and enhancing the tactile qualities of the embroidery.

Cinque Terre Rolls 2.jpg
Cinque Terre Rolls 4.jpg
Cinque Terre Rolls 3.jpg


The grapes motif is further showcased in meticulous stainless steel and gold plating inlays on the picnic tables. The tables are first painted in Milori Blue with a subtle sparkle to add depth and vibrancy to the color. Then, the inlays are hand-applied with precision and sealed with clear lacquer, followed by meticulous sanding and hand-polishing to create a seamless finish.

The Bespoke Starlight Headliner above adds another layer of artistry, featuring an embroidered map of Italy with 14,338 individual stitches. Five glowing stars, placed by hand, represent the Cinque Terre villages along the coastline. This exquisite embroidery took over a month to finalize, ensuring the delicate balance between thread shimmer and intricate detailing.

Inside the car's expansive fascia, the Gallery houses a commissioned artwork that captures the essence of Cinque Terre. This masterpiece showcases an imagined fusion of elements from all five villages, meticulously airbrushed by hand using water-based acrylic paint to achieve intricate detailing, then finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer.

Even the glove compartment bears a special touch, featuring silver debossing depicting the five villages.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom 'Inspired by Cinque Terre' is a true masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind commission that will forever remain unique and exclusive to its fortunate owner.

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