Yet another reason why the rebirth of John Jacob Astor IV’s legendary Knickerbocker Hotel will have New Yorkers feeling on top of the world.   




Take the signature luxury promised by the much anticipated reinvention of New York’s Knickerbocker Hotel, the culinary prowess of Chef Charlie Palmer and Nat Sherman’s luxury tobacco offerings; combine them with incomparable, panoramic views of Time Square and what do you have?  The makings of what will surely become a staple of New York nightlife and one of Manhattan’s most coveted rooftop lounges - aptly named St. Cloud.


The St. Cloud lounge at The Knickerbocker will bring together the celebrated Chef Palmer and “tobacconist to the world” Nat Sherman to create an unmatched New York experience.  Designed with both New Yorkers and travelers in mind; the classically elegant lounge is a befitting addition to the new Knickerbocker, a beaux-arts beauty known in its heyday as the ‘42nd Street Country Club’.


In the swank space slated to opening in fall of 2014, St. Cloud patrons can indulge themselves in a lofty experience featuring impeccable style, progressive cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, and a curated selection of the finest Nat Sherman cigars, including the Sterling, 1930 and Timeless Collections – all against an inimitable, spectacular Times Square backdrop.


“A partnership between The Knickerbocker and Nat Sherman seems pre-ordained,” says The Knickerbocker Managing Director, Jeff David. “Both have deep roots in New York City and have grown to icon status, with reputations for excellence and sophistication.”